Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy-Birthday-to-Me Shopping at Anthropologie

My lovely friends know that I think the gift of shopping is the best gift of all. So, during the fun, cupcake-filled birthday party they threw me recently, they gave me gift cards for Anthropologie and Sephora. (My lovely friends also know where I like to shop.) This evening I skipped my yoga class (I'll catch one tomorrow) and went shopping. Here's what my friends and I got me for my birthday.

First I got this blue-green cropped cardigan. It actually looked different in the store--the buttons are the same color as the sweater. (I often find things on the Anthropologie website look like ass but are actually adorable in person. For instance my very favorite little black silk tee from Anthropologie. Terrible on line, awesome on me.) I got the sweater a little big and the bit of slouch makes it very cute over a tight tee.

I also got a black button-down shirt which I can't find online. A few weeks ago I purchased the same shirt in white. I'm not that much of a white shirt gal, however. I like them but I always get them so dirty so fast. I often wonder if I actually get the same amount of schmutz on my dark clothes as my white clothes and it just doesn't show up. If I think about it too much I feel like Pigpen. Anyway, I was happy to find the shirt in black.

My last item is a top that I just purchased online. In the store they only had two left, both the same size, and both way too snug on me. But, oh--darling! I love the embroidered embellishments (a hummingbird on the shoulder). I love the asymmetrical buttons. I love the cut. So so springy. (And, again, way better in person than online.)
A word about online Anthropologie shopping: I seldom do it. Why? The shipping charges are outrageous. Anthropologie has just started their Anthro Card program, however, and Anthro Card holders get free shipping through the end of the month. The card isn't a credit card, it's just a card you sign up for for free, and it allows you to return things without receipts, preview new collections, and other things. Read about it at

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Sophie said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on your happy purchases. I've had my eye on the striped embroidered top but need to try it on for size. I'm Planning a trip to Anthropologie tomorrow, will see what I come back with.