Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shirt Dress Throw Down: Vintage Safari vs. Old Navy Safari

Today I got a recent eBay purchase in the mail--an olive green safari shirt dress. The auction listing said it's a vintage item from the '70s. This was a good purchase. The dress fits me perfectly. It's in wonderful shape and has a wonderful shape (what's not to love about a shirt dress with a little flare at the hem and a little nip at the waist), and it's on trend with all the safari-ish items hanging around the stores for spring. I tried it on with my studded leather Calvin Klein belt and it looked fab. The eBay price: $20.50 including shipping cost.

Below is Old Navy's olive green safari shirt dress from their Urban Explorer line. Unlike my vintage dress above which buttons all the way down, this shirt dress only has three or four buttons at the top. I found it to be too short (even for 5'2'' Material Girl). It also doesn't do much for the figure, what with it being so straight. It's cute, but not cute enough for me to buy when I tried it on in the store a while ago. It's currently on sale for $22.99 (down from $34.50).

So, in the Shirt Dress Throw Down--vintage safari shirt dress from eBay vs. Old Navy safari shrit dress--vintage wins handily and for two bucks cheaper.

The vintage dress came from an eBay store called Designer and Vintage Deals for All. Check it out. They've got some fun stuff (sequined tube tops! '50s garden party dresses!) and the bidding starts out at $0.99 so you can come away with some real bargains.

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