Monday, March 17, 2008

When Did Clarks Get Cute?

It's no secret I love footwear. What I don't love, however, are cruel shoes. It just ruins one's day to walk around with aching tootsies. I do have some less-than-comfy shoes, shoes that make want to cry by the end of a wedding reception. Once in a while a girl's gotta endure some discomfort to look good. So I have my special-occasion shoes, my going-out-to-dinner shoes, my walking-from-the-car-to-a-chair-and-having-people-fetch-things-
for-me shoes.

And, darling or hot as these shoes may be, they're not practical for wearing to work, then daycare, then the grocery store on a daily.

The other day I was cruising around Zappos looking for a nice way to spend my $100 gift certificate. I was thinking spring. A bit of a heel. Brown. Comfy. Maybe a little '70s looking. I came upon a pair of Clarks that I really liked the look of. I was surprised.

Generally when I think of Clarks, I think of shoes that look like these:

You know, bad Velcro-ed old lady sensible sandals that I would not get caught dead in. What I found and purchased were these:

They are happy comfy and I like the look of them. I could wear them out as well as to the grocery store. I've perused Zappos for more, and there are other Clarks styles I like, some even better than the ones I bought:

Pewter with stitching on the heel and the daintiest of t-straps--I love these.

These are a hot red and the contrast stitching is a nice detail. I could definitely wear these to dinner. And you know, I currently have no mules in my shoe closet.

These cute almost-flats come in great colors like this turquoise. I love the twisted thing going on with the t-strap.

Who knew my feet could enjoy shoes this cute and still feel as good as in my boots? (For nothing but reviews of comfy shoes, visit Barking Dog Shoes.)

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