Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday Shopping: Anthropologie

I also made a stop at Anthropologie yesterday. I bought a light cardigan the color of butternut squash (they call it pumpkin) which I've decided is a yellow I actually can wear. I'm very into buying light cardigans for spring. This one is cut really cute in back and it's soft and flowy. I almost bought a green hoodie with a front tie. It's a great color and was very flattering on, but I was running out of discretionary fund. I might get it next time I'm in the store, since I can't seem to get enough cardigans.

My friend bought a pair of navy blue sailor pants and a cute striped swing jacket with yellow piping. The pants will need to be hemmed, but they looked great on her and I'm sure they will prove to be very versatile. The jacket was darling on. I tried it on last week and almost got it, but a more fitted cardigan won out.

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