Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jovovitch-Hawk for Target Online Now

I was pretty excited when I heard that the next Target GO line would be designed by Jovovich-Hawk. The line debuts online today!

I checked it out in store yesterday and came home with three items, and would likely have purchased more if they have not already been picked over--there were a number of items that were practically sold out, and I heard the Target employees complaining about how often they were going back and forth from the dressing room to the GO display. It was hard to get to the racks at time--there were a lot of shoppers going through them.

Of all the GO lines I've seen, this is my favorite thus far. The items are fun and feminine and flirty. I bought these items yesterday (two of which I wore to my birthday party). And of course the prices are fab.

This is a tunic, but on I wore it as a mini dress with the star vest over it. (I'm only 5'2" so it was not scandalously short.) Its very soft and lovely to wear.

This is sheer and floaty and I love the detail at the end of the ties. This looks great under a vest.

The cut of this vest is so flattering. In addition to the star print, it comes in a linen chambray (which was no where to be found in store).

This tunic was practically gone in the my Target store--just one XS and XL left on the racks. It comes in blue as well. All about the buttons.

This dress is adorable--love the metallic pinstripes, which add a little sophistication and a little '80s vibe to the babydoll silhouette--and was also almost sold out in store.

This also seems to be selling like hotcakes. Only one was left in XL in my Target. I love the floaty layers.

This is a perfect top for spring and summer--very lightweight and well cut. I ordered one online because there were none left in my size. I wish I could have gotten one before my trip to Florida which is coming up on Tuesday.

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