Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why I Shouldn't Look at eBay When I'm Sleepy

I just bought a hat. It's vintage brown felt with many feathers. It's been a Buy It Now item on eBay for a few months and I've been watching it, intrigued by it. (I generally watch lots of things that I have no intention of buying.)

But I was listening to an NPR show the other day (Talk of the Nation) and they did a segment about hats. The woman they interviewed wore a small beret with a grossgrain ribbon. (She said so--I couldn't see her through the radio.) A number of people called in during the show to agree with the guest that hats should come back into vogue. They were all older than dirt or worked in historical village hat shops or something like that. But they loved hats and reminisced about hats and wore hats themselves daily.

So I thought, Yes--hats should come back! Maybe I should get a hat! Then I thought, No--I'll get hat-head! People will think I'm turning into a crazy hat lady! I can't wear a hat!

And then today I browsed through My eBay. And there was the feather hat. Would I wear it if I bought it? Pretty unlikely. Did I want someone else to have it? Well, no! Click click click. That hat is mine.

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