Thursday, July 3, 2008

Filling the Void from Lost eBay Auctions

I'm a pretty successful eBayer. More often than not when I really want an item I win the auction. But here and there I fail. I don't bid high enough and I don't leave myself enough time to up my bid--and the item I covet slips through my fingers. And let me tell you--it's hurts, fellow shoppers.

For example, a few weeks ago I had my eye on this:

It's a vintage Trifari faux pearl stunner of a necklace. My max bid was $61.75 and it went for $77.80 with 10 bids. It was terribly disappointed. (Of course I've got a favorite search on eBay for Trifari pearl necklaces just in case...)

Yesterday I won an auction for a necklace that will somewhat satisfy my need for the above piece which I cannot posses. Here it is:

It's vintage 1960s and is sort of the same idea. Not quite as spectacular, but probably a little more wearable. I'll still watch for the Trifari, but this will make me happy in the meantime. It was $25.

NOTE: That is not my neck in the photo. It's the seller's neck, or the seller's model's neck--a much more mature neck than my own.

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