Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shopping in Vegas: My Afternoon with Cheapy, Part 2

After we left the hectic environs of Kenneth Cole, Cheapy and I rounded out our afternoon at the shops of the Venetian with a trip to Banana Republic. The store was bursting with both people and sale items.

I tried a number of things on and ended up buying one black and white silk dress.

I also tried the dress on in orange linen.

These dresses are cute exactly the same. The silk version looks good on me; it drapes very nicely. I hated the dress in linen--it was really awful. Fabric makes such a difference.

Cheapy (who opened a charge to save 20%) bought me the dress and got himself--what else--a blue button down shirt (that looks an awful lot like a dozen other shirts in his closet--blue is his color, however, so I guess one more won't hurt).

After Venetian shopping, the whole Vegas group went to a restaurant in Caesar's Palace for dinner, so I had a chance to take a quick spin through the Vegas Anthropologie--which was huge.

I'd found a dress and a sweater.

When I went to checkout, however, I realized I had no wallet--I had switched from a big bag to a clutch and didn't have so much as a dollar on me. Right then, Cheapy called--he was at the Imperial Palace where there was karaoke going on, and he dislikes karaoke more than he dislikes shopping, so he and his wallet zipped on over. Before he would pony up, however, he had me try on the items I wanted and Mr. 85-blue-shirts-in-his-closet nixed the dress claiming it "looks like all of my other dresses." I liked and, but didn't love it so I let it go--but I'll keep my eye on it in to see if it goes on sale.

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Anonymous said...

I was just given the black and white silk dress.. I had no idea it was so many seasons ago but at least I know no one else is wearing it this season..