Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shopping in Vegas: Taryn Rose

I got back from Vegas on Sunday afternoon and I'm just now feeling back to normal and up to blogging--too much drinking, eating, and time-zone changing and not enough sleeping. But hey--if you don't feel like crap after you get back from Vegas you did something wrong. And if you don't have to expand your suitcase when you repack you're either a Tetris packing champion or you didn't take advantage of the amazing shopportunity that is Vegas. (I didn't gamble at all on this trip. If I'm dropping a wad of cash I want something for my closet.)

My favorite place to browse in Vegas are in the shops in Caesar's Palace which was just a quick jaunt across the street from the ultra-lovely Venetian where we were staying. (Note: I just saw an article in The New Yorker that said the guy who owns The Venetian makes one million dollars every hour. For reals, y'all. Can you imagine?)

I wasn't sure how my first Vegas shopping day would go because we were there hanging with a group of people (this was a surprise birthday party trip for my friend) and when we hit Caesar's there were five ladies perusing the stores--but we seemed to be in perfect shopping sync. The first place we collectively purchased was Taryn Rose--where tons of beautiful shoes (and I mean like three quarters of the inventory) were 70% off. Granted these are $400-500 shoes so they still weren't exactly giving them away, but since I didn't have any $500 shoes, it was a good time to snap some up.

I came home with these gunmetal peeptoe wedges. The are comfy and o-so-shiny. (If limber enough, one could check her lipstick in these babies.) I always have a hard time passing up a metallic shoe--but especially when in Vegas where everything is shiny.

One of my shopping companions got these peeptoe maryjanes wedges in the shiny gunmetal. (I actually liked these better than what I got, but they didn't come in my size.) This particular shopper bought three pairs of shoes which was quite the shoe coup--she wears a size twelve and they are few and far between so she tried on everything in stock in her size.

My birthday girl friend, along with pair of smokin high-heeled strappy not-particularly-New-York-friendly sandals, got these drag-queen-tastic gunmetal pumps.

I made a sad discovery when I came home and unpacked. I got a scratch on one of my shoes--a little nick in the shiny--when I wore them out to dinner. So, if my Vegas Taryn Rose shopping companion are reading this, be careful out there!

I've got more to report, so look for more Vegas posts this week.

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