Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two Fab Vintage Dress Finds on eBay

I recently found two great vintages 50s/60s dresses from the same seller on eBay. I know I really don't need any more dresses, but I couldn't pass these up. And now that they've arrived, these may be my favorite vintage eBay purchases to date. For one, they are both lovely florals--one muted and one bright. Two, they fit perfectly--no hemming required. They are petites, people! And three--$79 total for both (including shipping) in Buy It Now auctions. These dresses look as if they've never been worn--and they didn't even smell musty. (Although I did have them cleaned--one should always bring the vintage to the dry cleaner. And be sure to tell the cleaner clerk that the items are old. Vintage items generally don't have fabric care tags. If you let them know, they will test the fabric before they choose a cleaning method.)

Check out the drapey chiffon bow action going on at the waist of dress number one. So cute and so tummy camouflaging.

And dress number two sings out summer. I'll probably attract butterflies if I wear it outdoors. Good thing Material Girl hates to sweat and spends the summer in the A/C. I've got plenty of cropped cardigans that will go great with this in the arctic zone that is my office.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I LOVE dress #2! Yes, we would have a blast shopping together :)