Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Told You I Really Really Wanted Those Cute Nanette Lepore Sandals

My day at the office sorta beat me down which generally leads me down one of two paths: emotionally eating or emotionally shopping. Today I opted for choice number two. (And I might have eaten half a jar of bean dip and a few spoonfuls of peanut butter first. And maybe a chocolate bar.)

I knew the thing that could ultimately make me feel better were these:

Because look how cute they are. Bows. Metallic. Very girly/gladiator. And a nice sturdy heel. They have Material Girl written all over them. But as I mentioned in my last post, they are $350 shoes and Cheapy and I just dropped a lot of cash in Vegas, what with all the eating and shopping and gambling and spa-ing and hotel-paying-for. (The plane tickets were free thanks to earning lots of flight miles by shopping with my AmEx.)

I hoped that if I did some googling I could find the shoes a bit cheaper. And, hurrah, fellow shoppers--I did!

Nordstrom had them for $99 in hot pink suede. But they were sold out. And they were hot pink. And they were suede.

Bloomingdale's had them for $238 in hot pink suede and they were in stock. But they were hot pink. And they were suede.

Then I found them at Neiman Marcus in the olive metallic. They were on sale for $245. But wait--for a limited time they were taking 40% off existing sale prices said the site. Now we're talking! Once in my shopping cart they were $147. Sold. But then the shipping charge of $14.50 popped up in my cart. I'm not used to paying for shoe shipping. I don't like paying for shoe shipping. I knew there had to be a way around that way-too-high shipping fee.

Again I googled--"Neiman Marcus free shipping." I found this page featuring a handy code. I entered it and that $14.50 disappeared. I've tried this trick before, fellow shoppers, and I recommend you do it too--the majority of the time there is a free shipping code floating around on e-tailers websites. Always check this before you check out.

When my Nanette Lepore Bad Girl Sandals (the items in the Nanette Lepore line have terrific names!) show up I'll let you know how they work out. And I'll post more about Vegas shopping tomorrow.

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