Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shopping in Vegas: Nanette Lepore

After our collective shoe binge at Taryn Rose, my shopping posse did some damage in Nanette Lepore where we found racks and racks of delicious clothes at 50%. All four of my fellow shoppers and I walked out with at least a couple of items.

This shopping experience was great fun--the dressing rooms in the back of the store had a big community mirror area and we could all pop out as we tried things on to model for one another. There was a lot of oohing and ahhhing and "oh-you-have-to-by-that-dress!" There were also several helpful sales associates running about grabbing alternate sizes and colors for us. These are beautiful, well-made clothes, and despite the fact that there were so many different body types happening it was fantastic to see that there was something in Nanette Lepore's line for everyone.

Here's a sampling of our half-off purchases.

In addition to a fab khaki peplum jacket dripping with interesting details, I got the dress below in gray and cream--you all know Material Girl cannot pull off yellow. I fill the dress out quite a bit more than this willowy model and it hits me at the knee.

One fellow shopper got this beauty of a top in black and in white and wore them both before the trip was over. It's so versatile and so pretty and feminine. I love the seafoam version below. (I would have tried this on myself, but I feared it would not properly cover the girls.)

Birthday girl grabbed this dress at the last minute in a green and gold jewel-tone-y version. It was cut like it was made for her and she looked spectacular singing karaoke in it. (I prefer the one she got to this red-brown-beige version, although it's very pretty on the brunette model.)

And no one bought these--but look how cute they are. I want them. I really really want them. (Post Vegas trip, however, is not time to start coveting $350 sandals. Cheapy's head might expode.)

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