Friday, July 11, 2008

Shopping in Vegas: My Afternoon with Cheapy

After a morning at the overpriced Canyon Ranch Spa (and lunch at their delicious and very vegetarian friendly cafe), I met up with Cheapy to hit the shops at the Venetian. We only made it to two stores because, despite the fact that he had an OK buzz, Cheapy was not feeling the retail vibe. There were too many people (it was Saturday) and they were harshing his happy-mellow.

Our first stop was Kenneth Cole. (Cheapy hated the music.) I got this pair of shoes that I'm still thinking about taking back. I love the gray leather contrasted with the black woven heel (they also come in a great yellow and beige), but I'm concerned about the comfort level.

I also got a small and super soft leather hobo. It's below in cream, but I got it in gray (which was not offered online). I guess I was in a gray mood--it's a good neutral for summer!

I loved a lot of the bags Kenneth Cole has to offer. The shapes and colors really appeal to me and many many of them are on sale.

For example, this blue bag which almost has the look of denim leather and is soft and slouchy. (It's on sale for $129 from $278.)

This cream and black satchel is clean and simple and soft. (It's on sale for $129 from $248.)

I love this gray and white tote. It looks roomy but not too cumbersome. (Its' on sale for $159 from $338.)

And this silver tote is fancy and shiny, and somehow slouchy and structured simultaneously. (It's on sale for $159 from $318.)

The service in the Las Vegas Kenneth Cole was not exactly stellar, but since I had to wait so long to try on the shoes the sales person gave me a 25% off gift card. If I decide to return the gray wedges, I may us the discount to get this dress (which looked much better and more interesting in person).

Here's a funny Cheapy shopping anecdote. After I finished the whole shoe transaction we headed to the second floor of Kenneth Cole to check out the clearance. Cheapy walks over to me holding this shirt:

I personally think this shirt is kinda cool. I like the dip dye and I love the palette. But for Cheapy to pick it up--I thought someone must have slipped something into his beers. Everything he owns is beige, army green or light blue.

"This looks kinda good. Do you like it? I'm going to try it on," says Cheapy. "Um. O-K. Dressing rooms are that way," I say.

So we go into a dressing room and he puts on the shirt. Then he takes off his sunglasses, and has a mini-freak and rips it off. "Why didn't you tell me it had...colors?"

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