Saturday, January 12, 2008

Crocs That Aren't So Ugly They Should Be Illegal

Like many other shoe lovers out there, I think Crocs are an eyesore. My son has a pair. In black. He's three and they're cute on his tiny feet. But once you get past about age six--ick. The bigger they get the uglier they are. Sure, you can rinse them off if they get muddy. But are a lot of adult females tromping around in mud all day? I'm sure they are quite comfy, because why else would such hideous footwear be so popular? (See also: the Birkenstock.) My Rockport boots are silly comfy and have a three-inch heel.

Crocs have come up with some better looking shoes as late (such as their ballet flat and their Mary Jane), but I was still shocked to come across the YOU by Crocs line while perusing Piperlime. They offer some very cute styles (love the Highball boots below!) with some sort of Croc-ified insides. Croc lovers who aim to up their style might be shocked by the price tags, however, but, hey, you can't put a price on looking good.