Saturday, January 26, 2008

What I've Been Buying; What I Want--A Material Girl Shopping Update

If you've visited my blog lately, you may have been wondering if there's been a Material Girl shopping hiatus of some sort--it's been a while since I've reported new wardrobe acquisitions. Well fear not--I've picked up a thing or two; I have my eye on a thing or two. Here's what I've been up to, fellow shoppers:

  • Emotionally shopping at Anthropologie. I had a long, weird, busy, meeting-filled work week, so Friday night I needed to buy something pretty. Friday was also payday (hurrah!) and Cheapy was feeling sympathetic and handed me several twenties at I walked out the door (double hurrah!) I was looking for something warm and cozy: non-ugly sweaters. There's one I'd had my eye on, black with floral accents, that was on sale on the Anthro website. They actually had it in the store on sale in my size. I picked up another on-sale sweater as well, black with a big butterfly. The store was half-filled with spring items, which are tough to think about buying right now because it's really f-ing cold. Flowers and butterflies are my way of easing in to spring.
  • Recent eBay purchases. It's rare a week goes buy that I don't have something coming in from an eBay auction. I've had a few good purchases in the last few weeks, including a cropped boxy vintage '50s metallic jacket (for spring); a vintage faux fur coat (that hasn't arrived yet); a swingy two-tone jersey top; a Rebecca Danenberg black tuxedo tail shrug; a pair of Vince Camuto studded purple sandals for $10; and a giant (and I mean giant) metal owl necklace that I had to have for some reason. It may end up a decoration rather than an accessory.
  • Things I'm watching on eBay. There are alway many things on my eBay watch list. At the top of the list is a fabulous Paul Smith deconstructed wool skirt that was up for auction but ended without a buyer. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will be posted at a lower starting bid or as an Or Best Offer. I can't stop thinking about this skirt--I even showed it to Cheapy, who thinks it's totally me but costs too much. There's also a metal and rhinestone butterfly necklace that ends in a few days that I wish people would stop bidding on. (Don't they read my blog--bidding before the end is good for the seller, bad for the buyer. Stop driving up the price, people. Plus, do they know who they are dealing with? It's pretty rare I lose an auction for something I really want.) Have you noticed this butterfly thing I've got going on. I think perhaps I have a butterfly phase happening. I'm also watching a few butterfly brooches. I guess on some level I am ready for spring dressing. Either that or I need to stop watching the butterfly episode of "The Magic School Bus" with Cheapy junior.
  • Things I'm watching online. If one does not have a money tree in one's back yard, often shopping is about waiting--keeping an eye on things until they go on sale, and hoping they have your size when it happens. Remember those You by Crocs silver metallic boots? I kind of want them. But I kind of don't want to pay $289 for them. I've stumbled across a site called Shoes on a Shoestring where they're on sale for $206. They're also a "yellow tag" item, which means at the first of the month, they'll go on sale even more, and will continue to get cheaper month by month. I'm hoping they have a size 8.5 left when I deem them cheap enough to purchase. (Has Cheapy been working on my brain, you ask? Nope. But I must use my discretionary fund wisely). There's also a pair of bronze low-heeled Faryl Robin boots I want, and I'm betting they get cheaper than $150 soon on either eBay (where I recently missed an auction for said boots that ended at $15. Not happy about forgetting to bid) or Gotham City. I'll keep you posted.