Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things I Like in the Latest Vogue

I just got my first issue of my Christmas gift Vogue subscription my mother-in-law got me. (I always read hers and she remembered me telling her I kept meaning to subscribe but kept forgetting. It's nice someone gets it when I drop hints.)

The January issue has a sunny Kate Hudson on the cover and some non-dead-of-winter looking fashions inside. (Thank the fashions gods--I'm so over winter, so so so over my cold hands and static-y hair. I want to wear sandals.)

Wackiest stuff in the January Vogue: Balenciaga knee-high gladiator stilettos--but then Balenciaga offers all sorts of wacky footwear--and green lipstick. I don't mean environmentally friendly lip color, but Kelly Green lipstick (ickstick).

Things I dig in the January Vogue: Pins! Butterflies, dragonflies, flowers in clusters on jackets and dresses. Love love love. And everything Agyness Deyn wore in her two-page spread. I dig her style. I dig her messy blond hair. I dig her drunken pattern mixing. Kate Moss. Phhhh! I'm so over everyone thinking Kate Moss is so stylish. I've actually never quite gotten that. In candid shots I think she looks pasty and messy and is always with a dude who needs to wash his hair. Agyness rocks some color and some vintage and fedoras. She's my model of choice (despite the fact the she was born when I was a sophomore in high school).

I'm off to eBay to search for brooches. I've got plenty of flowers in my collection, but now I want bugs and butterflies. I'm also thinking owls. Hmmmm.