Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who Who Who Else Thinks This Owl is Fab?

I mentioned the other day that I won an eBay auction for a giant owl necklace. Said accessory arrived via USPS today and it's pewter and brass and fabulous in a '70s kitschy kind of way--and it's BIG. I'm planning my whole outfit around it tomorrow. It looks like I'm officially into a large necklace phase. The auction for the big Carrie-Bradshaw-S&TC-season-1 beaut of a butterfly necklace I want ends in about an hour, so I'm currently waiting it out. And I've already bid on a crazy--and large--seashell necklace that's ending on Friday. (As you know, I normally don't bid until the end of the auction, but this necklace was part of a lot, and the other stuff was crappy. When that auction ended with no bids, I asked the seller to list the necklace by itself. It would have been rude not to place a bid right away.)

1 comment:

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