Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm Blogging Instead of Emotionally Shopping

I sat down in front of the computer ready to browse shoes, but I choose to blog rather than buy. It's not easy, fellow shoppers, for today was not the best of days. I'm not feeling happy and a new pair of boots would really really cheer me up right now. I'm thinking it might be worth the wrath of Cheapy.

Then I thought about the episode of How I Met Your Mother ("I'm Not That Guy") where Lily's shopping-to-cheer-herself-up addiction is uncovered. There's this great scene in which Alyson Hannigan's character is having a dream sequence: She's lying there in a state of bliss while boots and pumps are being tossed in a big pile all around her. It was as if the writers visited my brain and stole my footwear fantasy.

In the episode we also find out that Lily's got a bazillion dollar's worth of credit card debt that she's hidden from Marshall. Cheapy thought I should learn a lesson from this. I just enjoyed the shower of shoes.

P.S. I love the way they dress Alyson on the show. She's got some adorable outfits and great boots and she always looks cute. I'm not at all a fan of her bangs this season, however. They kinda drive me crazy. I think she does a good 25% of her acting with her eyebrows. Show us the face, people! And bring back the red hair.