Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Vacation, the Holidays and My First 08 Shopping Quest

Greetings and happy new year fellow shoppers! Did you miss me? I've been off work for the last two weeks and when I'm out of my routine, I don't seem to get anything done (laundry, exercise, yoga, blogging). Alas, the more I have to squeeze in, the more I seem to accomplish. This is why Material Girl needs a job. If I was a stay-at-home mother I'd never take off my PJ's.

One thing I have managed to accomplish these last two weeks is a little shopping. Some was mandatory holiday gift shopping. But when one is shopping for others, one cannot help picking out a few items for herself. Christmas shopping brought me a novel (The Flawless Skin of Ugly People), a Nike workout tee from Dick's, and a flannel shirt from the Gap (which I'm living in).

I also spent some Christmas money on a camel two-button blazer at Banana Republic ( love that they carry petite items in the stores now). And I hit Antropologie to buy myself a few items--a metallic shrug, a velvet skirt with beaded lace applique that I'd had my eye one (don't know where I'll wear it and I almost decided to take it back but my mom talked me out of it--it's not often I find a beautiful skirt that fits so well), and a scarf (which is the last thing I need, but it's so soft and pretty and pink and drapey and it was 30% off). This is such a great time of the year to shop--sales, sales, sales!

(Incidentally, I saw a number of the sweaters I declared ugly on Anthropologie's clearance racks. Sometimes I am so very wise.)

I've also identified my first shoe buying goal for 2008--a great pair of black pumps. I've identified this as a gaping hole in my shoe wardrobe. I've got tons of boots and sandals, but no basic black pumps that will go with everything (such as jean and that velvet skirt). Cheapy, however, says I'm not a "pumps kinda girl." What that means exactly I'm not sure. I've currently got my eye on a pair of Cole Haan Nike Air patents pumps that have a nice sturdy-yet-high heel. (I strive for both comfort and style, ladies. One cannot feel good in an outfit if one sports cruel shoes.) I love the shape and the shine and the height. Of course I'll keep you posted on my quest for the perfect comfy pump.

Speaking of shoes, don't forget to check out DSW soon--their winter sale is still going on with up to 80% off (although the triple reward points promotion ended on New Year's Eve).

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