Friday, February 1, 2008

Old Navy's New Line: My Review

I stopped by Old Navy on my way home from yoga class to check out their new Urban Explorer line for spring. I'll start by saying I sorta dig the whole city-safari vibe of the collection. The prints are interesting and the color palate is really appealing. (The olive green and the lovely shade of red happen to be very flattering on my skin tone.) But, alas, there was nothing I liked enough to purchase and I came home with 3 pairs of sweatpants and 8 pairs of socks from the toddler department for Cheapy Junior. On to my critique of some of the items I tried on...

I seriously considered buying this dress. The cotton feels pretty nice for the price (a tiny bit stiff), and the cut is flattering and very comfortable. The thing is just too short. I'm 5'2" and it felt extra mini on me. (When one is over 35, on should be careful with the minis.) If this was 2 inches longer I may have taken it home with me. Price: $34.50.

This looked really nice on the model (see my post below), but in person--big ol yuck. The jersey is scratchy and cheap looking, the print looks bad, and where the wrap attaches on the inside (it's not a full wrap dress--the front wraps and ties but the inside is sewn) the dress is bulgy. Price: $29.50.

This cropped jacket was almost there. The fabric feels nice, the lining is good. The sleeves are a bit odd, however. They are a weird width--they made me look very wide. This might work on someone a tad taller and a tad flatter chested. Price: $39.50.

Love the color, hate the cut. Odd. Price: $19.50.

This cotton top with ruched sleeves is very cute. If fit well, the wide covered placket is a nice touch, and there's just the right amount of stretch to the fabric. I like the slate gray, although it does not exactly scream spring (but then neither does urban safari). This is one I would wear when the weather warms up. Price: $24.50.

A khaki safari romper. A khaki safari romper? A khaki safari romper! This is just wrong. Price: $29.50

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