Friday, August 29, 2008

Vintage Alligator for My Feet

Ever since last year when I browsed exotic skin bags that cost more than my car at Saks in Beverly Hills, I've had a slight obsession with alligator. I watch bags on eBay all the time, but still haven't found the right one at the right price.

The other day, however, I bought these 1950s alligator pumps for $15.50.

Here's the thing: I've never purchased used shoes before. I've browsed shoes in vintage stores. I've admired the uniquely fashionable ladies in Bust magazine in their interesting thrift store pumps. But the thought of it was always a little icky. (Don't even getting me started on rented bowling shoes.)

These alligator pumps were a bit of a late-night impulse purchase. Then I thought, What the hell, I just bought used shoes from someone in Cleveland. But when I opened the box and put them on, all was well. They fit perfectly. They looked so classic. They made me feel like a lady and I'm sure whoever wore them in the past was a lady. While the words are worn off the insoles and the bottoms are worn in, the shoes themselves have nary a flaw. I'm sure they always accompanied darling dresses, nothing too flashy or revealing. They were always worn with nylons. And they were placed with care in a tidy closet at the end of the day.

I'll take good care of them, too--and they will look so cool with my jeans.


Anonymous said...

My dad was an auctioneer when I was in high school. At an estate sale I found the most perfect pair of boots in the world. They fit perfectly. They were about a 3-4 inch heel, and up to the knee in black leather. I wore those until they literally fell apart. Dad had to attach the wooden soles back to the leather boot part several times before we just gave up. 10 years later, and I still miss those boots... *sigh*


Ah--it's so sad that they bit the dust. But it was nice you got to enjoy them while you did. I have many fond memories of shoes and bags that wore out.

Kaylee said...

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