Saturday, August 30, 2008

Necklace Crazy on eBay

I'm a collector. When I get one of something I like, I generally want more. I get in collecting/buying phases: flower pins, vintage kelly bags, sweater clips, mink wraps, Sarah Coventry clip-on earrings. (I'm glad it's never happened with, say, hats).

This week I'm all about necklaces and I've gone on I had a bit of a necklace binge (which has been known to happen every few months).

Here's my deal with necklaces: really bold or rather subtle. (Is there an in between?) My recent purchases included two of each.

In the subtle category, I found two pieces from one seller. First this interesting little gold bubble necklace (BIN for $31) which I find both modern and delicate. (I've been getting more into gold since Donya gave me a great gold necklace for being in her wedding--I'd always been a silver-only gal.)

And also this silver bird/gold nest piece which I think it just so darling (in auction for $16.99). I could do gold or silver earring with this. Don' you love the eggs in the wire nest?

The seller, who calls her line ArtWark, has both an eBay store, and at etsy store and she tells me she'll soon be adding her Fall 2008 line featuring one-of-a-kind locket necklaces. She's got some great pieces (If I wouldn't have shopped so much this week I might have also bought this one), and the prices are really reasonable.

Next up: the bold. First this big mess of chains and stones. I like the colors and the asymmetry. (And I couldn't pass it up at $7.) This necklace, a black tee, jeans, and my awesome bargain of a leather jacket I got last fall and I'm happily out the door.

This one came up in a Trifari favorite search. It's a big, crazy horselike dragon. I've been watching it for weeks and it wasn't selling at $44.75. I emailed the seller to see if she could do any better. I could only get her down to $39, but that was good enough for me. (He'll join my owl and my butterfly in the big-and-odd section of my jewelry tray.)


Amy said...

I've been feeling guilty/exhilarated all day after buying a $50 necklace on Etsy that I tried to ignore but then couldn't. This post makes me feel like I indeed did the right thing. I'm a friend of Meg's by the your blog!

lkmadigan said...

I love your taste in jewelry.

Nice to meet you last weekend.



Kaylee said...

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