Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Love My Cute Comfy Clarks

A while back I posted about the surprisingly cute Clarks shoes I ran across on Zappos. As I was getting ready to head to LA, I realized I was in need of some nice looking, comfortable, summer -appropriate shoes that I could wear throughout a 12-hour day at a conference without wanting to saw off my feel. So I ordered a couple pairs of Clarks.

I purchased them from endless, not Zappos, because the red mules were on sale on endless. The gold mini-wedges were cheaper on Amazon, but I needed the free overnight shipping offered on enldess. (I don't know why endless and Amazon have different pricing so often since endless is owned by Amazon.)

I love both of these shoes. I wore the heels through several long days and my feet felt very good. The gold sandals come in several other colors which I recently checked out at the Clarks store in The Mall. This bronzey-gold is the best of the bunch--it's a nice neutral. I've been wearing them like crazy. They've become my go-to weekend shoe, an improvement upon my dirty old flip flops.

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