Sunday, August 10, 2008

Macy's Fashion Show Brunch with Cheapy

Have you missed me, fellow shoppers? I was in L.A. for a week (not shopping--working), and then I spent a few days recovering.

Right before I left, however, Cheapy took me to a fashion show that was part of the annual ATP Masters Series. (This tennis tournament is Cheapy's favorite event of the year. He spends hundreds of dollars on tickets for the entire tournament, takes the week off work, and has a stay-cation in the hot hot sun at center court, often spending 12 hours a day there, sneaking into more expensive seats, scoring free lemonade to spike with vodka, and making friends with fellow tennis fans as well as food vendors and bar tenders.)

Tuesday morning of the event included a "Ladies Day" brunch and fashion show put on by Macy's and Cheapy got tickets. He was the only male in there except a 12-year-old boy sitting with his mom and sisters looking like he wanted to die. The other ladies at our table all asked, "How did you get him to come to this." "It was his idea," I told them. Cheapy didn't mind being in a tent full of woman, and he had me bring my camera along so he could take some pics, standing right next to the runway in his grungy camo-cargo shorts and sweaty hat snapping away. At one point I went to the ladies room and when I came back Cheapy was missing. He emerged from the models tent with a few of their names and email addresses jotted down. (That's so Cheapy.)

Here's the lowdown on the show. (All photos by Cheapy)

First up--oh the horror--leggings. A few minutes later--I kid you not--a model came out in stirrup pants. (Cheapy turned around from his post by the runway and we simultaneously mouthed "Oh my God!")

Next up a bunch of rather hideous bold prints dresses from INC in non-natural fabrics. This black and white was rather shapeless.

This yellow and blue loud. This yellow hue is not wearable for most, I'd say. (I do like the yellow clutch carried by the model in the solid babydoll dress. But if I see another babydoll dress I'll scream. Enough already.)

The show also gave us special occasion dresses. I like the shape of the center embellished dress--flattering. Note the forty-something model on the left!

Lots of red and black went down the runway. Didn't like.

Didn't like.

Didn't like.

This is not a white ruffled blouse with a high-waisted pencil skirt--it's a dress. Were you fooled?

I like menswear-inspired pieces like the ones below. A classic vest and trousers with a feminine blouse is always a hit.

So if you head to Macy's for some fall shopping, here's what you're in for courtesy of INC, Micheal Kors, Donna Rico, Maggy London, and all:
  • red, white and black
  • safari colors (beige, brown and olive green)
  • high-waisted skirts, pants and jeans
  • embellished dresses
  • tunics and babydoll dresses
  • menswear influence, pencil shirts
  • graphic prints
  • leggings and stirrup pants (also known as the '80s)
(I am counting the days until Nordstrom opens at The Mall.)

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