Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What I've Been Up to on eBay

If you're a loyal Material Girl reader you know I have a bit of an eBay problem. Lately, however, I've been trying to reform. I'm not bidding on things I don't love just because they're cheap and no one else bids on them. I'm doing my best not to buy 87 of the same thing. (I tend to run across something I like, and a month later I suddenly have a collection.) Most of all, I'm trying not to blow too much money on eBay items so I have enough left in my discretionary fund to buy the shoes, clothes and bags I want (and thus keep Cheapy from freaking when my AmEx bill comes).

This month I've won eBay auctions for a couple item from the same Canadian seller. (The drawback: no PayPal--I've had to send checks which really slow things down, along with the over-the-boarder shipping.)

First I got this 1940s Whiting & Davis bakelite handled bag. When I was in my friend Donya's wedding in October, one of the guests was carrying this bag (given to her by an older lady she knew) and I coveted it. I stared at it, sneaked a caress or two, and, for a brief moment, contemplated grabbing it and running off. I didn't end up going the purse snatcher route--I opted for eBay. Four months later I found it. The auction ended at $32 for this bag, which is in perfect condition.

From the same seller I got this butterfly necklace. I was very jazzed about butterflies after reading the January issue of Vogue. I spent $36 on this big, heavy, shiny piece. Now I'm working on just the right outfit. (One wrong move and I'm over the tacky line.)

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