Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Anthropologie Exchange and Something at Macy's That Did Not Suck

I hit Anthropologie today to take back this top. I finally admitted to myself that this color indeed does make be look sickly despite what the polite dressing room attendant and my mom told me.

I exchanged this kimono top for a really darling jacket. I can't find it on the Anthropologie website, but it's cut almost exactly like the one below but is minus the embellishment and in difference fabric. The jacket I purchased is brown linen with cotton ruffles on the lapels and bottom. (Can I wear linen in February? Spring, where are you? Hurray up already.) This particular jacket also came in light beige. The sizing was off between colors. My normal size fit perfectly in the beige, but I had to go up a size in the brown.

And as an addendum to my last post about the suckage in Macy's--I forgot to mention that I did find one thing I liked--a B Makowsky messenger bag in plum currently available on endless for $268. (I paid $134.) The bag is much purpler in person than in this photo and also much slouchier. I tend to like a soft, slouchy bag over a more structured one. This one has a good selection of pockets inside an out and a snazzy animal print lining and it feels rather buttery.

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