Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Gap: Petite vs. Ankle

As mentioned in a recent post, I ordered Gap kahkis online so I could get them in a Petite size. They arrived today (hooray for fast shipping!), but they're not good. I love the colors, but I don't like the Petite cut. Unlike Ankle length pants, these Petites are not just shorter than regular Gap pants, the cut is adjusted, including a shorter rise--that's too short for me. The rise on the regular khakis was perfect when I tried them on in the store. Everything about them was perfect except that they were a good four inches too long. I don't need Petite--I need Ankle.

So tomorrow on my lunch break I'll take them back to the store, my $6 shipping charge experiment a failure. But I plan to leave the store with two pairs of regular khakis. And I will roll them up, and look all J.Crew catalog-y. Keep your fingers crossed that they have some good colors left in my size in the store. (Who know--I might come home with yellow!)

Back to the store you go camel toe khakis and weird white jacket.

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