Monday, February 11, 2008

My Shopping Weekend: A Quick Anthropologie Visit

I attended a baby shower over the weekend that was held very close to my local Anthropologie store so I accidentally stopped in to shop on my way home. (I think my car was on autopilot.) I just love shopping there. It smells incense-y but not bad incense-y. They are so nice to you in the dressing rooms. The sale items are all like 50% off. The decor is cool. The clothes are pretty.

I came home with this green wrap kimono-style silk top and a floaty brown-on-white patterned knit cardigan for spring layering (which I can't seem to find online to show you). I may not keep this--I'm trying to decide if the color looks good on me or not. I'm worried it's too yellow of a green, but the sales person at the store and my mother both said it was good. The cut is really good--wrap tops usually fail on me, but this one works.

I want this top, but didn't try it one because my discretionary fund is small.

I really love this for some reason. Click on that link and look at the back of it--so cute! It's currently in my online Anthropologie shopping cart. (I put many many items that I never actually buy in many many online shopping carts . It's my make-believe shopping that gets me through the day.)

I didn't try this skirt on because it was too hard to take off my boots and jeans to get the full effect. I really love this and I'll visit it again soon.

I've been coveting this sweater coat since I saw it on the cover of the August catalog. It's been gone online for a while. I was on my way out of the store and there was one hanging in what seemed like the wrong random place in my size. I tried it on. I loved it. I put it back because it was too expensive. Sigh.

I almost bought this. It's very cute on and great green for spring. I may go back and purchase it later--hopefully it won't sell out. There was so much great spring stuff in the store. Now if mother nature would only cooperate...

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