Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday Afternoon--The Gap and Anthropologie

Sometimes I think I'm in a shopping rut, that I should find some new stores. But the familiar relaxes me, and I needed some Saturday afternoon Material Girl time, so I headed to my favorite Gap location which is just a few stores down from Anthropologie.

I wanted to hit The Gap to try on the colorful khakis. And I love the pink ones. They were sold out in my size, but I tried on the yellow just to test the fit. I've been in a yellow mood recently even though I'm certain it's a color I should never wear. In pants, though, it wouldn't reflect in my face and might not be bad. The Gap's colorful khakis for spring, however, only come in regular length in store. I'll purchase a pink petite pair online. (The light blue is nice, too.)

I did come home with this white jacket from The Gap. But it's weirdly shaped and I'm taking it back. (It looks much better on the model than on me.) Anthropologie does the nautical jacket thing in a much more flattering shape.

I also bought this top at Anthropologie (which I'm wearing right now) only in a really flattering rosey red color, not the yellow pictured, although I really dig this tumeric shade (just not on me).

To satisfy my sudden jones for yellow, I've been searching for a shoe. Last night I found one on Zappos.

This is the Camper Helena in in Banana/Cuarzo and I decided I must have them. I have a pair of Campers in the Helena style in green sans instep cutout and they're a favorite--cute, unexpected color, and very comfy. I wore them walking around New York during a 12-hour work day over the summer and my feel felt fab. These may be my birthday present to myself. (Although, fellow shoppers, we should treat everyday like it's our birthday--as long as we're easy on the cupcakes.)

P.S. I wore my new You by Crocs wedge boots (mentioned in my last post) while shopping and they were great.

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