Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The One Thing (Besides Boots) That Gets Me Through Winter

Lately (for the last few months) I've been complaining about winter/longing for spring. It's not just because I want to wear sandals. The cold weather and my hair do not get along. All day long I fight the static. I curse the static. I dread the static. The static keeps coming back like a no-good boyfriend.

I'm not into the rubbing dryer sheets on my head thing. Static Guard smells weird and I don't really want in my hair clashing with the Aveda products. Instead I lightly spritz my head with my Evian Brumisateur Mineral Water mister and that does the trick--bye-bye static.

I've spied an Evian Brumisateur in Samantha Jones' medicine cabinet in a Sex & the City episode. J Lo had it in her toolbelt in The Wedding Planner. I have it in my bag, in my travel bag, and in my bathroom at all times.

In addition to the magical static busting, it's lovely to mist your skin (it's intended use) with Evian during those dry winter days, and it's refreshing anytime. In a pinch, you can wash your hands with it. And I guess if you were stranded in the dessert you could spray it down your throat (although that situation has not arisen).

I Never never never get on a plane without a travel size bottle, and I never go shopping without it. (Trying on a pullover sweater without a Brumisateur in my bag is unthinkable.) This is a pricey ($15 for the 14 oz. bottle; $16.50 for 3 travel size) yet essential staple and I don't leave home without it (and my AmEx).

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