Friday, February 15, 2008

What I Learned on My Lunchtime Shopping Trip (or Everything at Macy's Sucks)

I stopped by Macy's on my way home for lunch today. (Macy's is between my office and my house. I drive past it daily.) I was not impressed. Kenneth Cole: What are you thinking with your color palette? INC: What is up with the icky fabrics? Calvin Klein: You have some very odd shaped sweater-y items and I'm not even sure what they are.

Maybe February is a bad time to shop, a weird transitional period as the winter items are clearanced and the spring items are trickling in. Or maybe Macy's buyers are on crack. Or perhaps the designers and manufacturers are having a collective bad season. This does not bode well for near future lunch-hour shopping.

I give you: turtleneck dresses, shiny mini trenches, hippie wear...

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