Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why I Love the J. Crew Catalog

I don't shop at J. Crew very often. I just don't think about stopping in--the store is at the end of The Mall I don't go to much. And when I do shop there I don't quite like the vibe or the price tags.

I do, however, love getting the J. Crew catalog. I often flip through it while I'm in the bathroom or eating lunch and conjure J. Crew fantasies, being transported inside the catalog to participate in the lovely vignettes the J. Crew model must surely be enjoying...

My long, silky blond hair (I'm always blond in J. Crew fantasies) is blown by the gentle breeze as I wander through the gardens of my Connecticut pool house. I've just unpacked my suitcase full of candy-colored mix-and-match bikinis and a rainbow of summer-weight cashmere cardigans that perfectly compliment my low slung khakis which offer just a hint of my lovely mid-section (my tummy is always impossibly flat in J. Crew fantasies). I dream about tomorrow--I'll don my swiss dot wrap dress, wellies and Italian poplin blazer as I pick wild flowers and tuck them into my sunny yellow tote. Then it's lunch by the water with my tremendoulsly gorgeous husband. Oh those madras trousers do wonders for him! Ahh, I love my perfect J. Crew life!

(I also love the necklace in this photo.)

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Meg said...

I too love that necklace and am sad it's so freaking expensive.