Thursday, February 14, 2008

Purchased the Boots from

I'm happy to report that I solved my e-tailing checkout dilemma on and was able to give myself some boot love on this Valentine's Day.

The 6pm customer service people responded to my email about my proceed-to-checkout problems with the Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots approximately 26 hours after I sent it. I had to empty my shopping cart, log out, redo my account info, and start over. Annoying. But I'll take a little annoying for 49% off. (Original price--$146.95; sale price--$74.75; $6.95 flat fee shipping.)

I gotta tell you I'm fairly certain Cheapy is going to hate these boots. But I love the scrunchy '80s thing going on here, and they are the best shade of gray. (And I promise never to wear them with leggings and a Pat Benatar haircut.)

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