Friday, February 29, 2008

Some Days It's No Picnic at The Mall...Returning Online Purchases: Gap--Bad; Sephora--Good

I took that lunchtime trip to The Mall the exchange my Petite khakis at the Gap. Things were going well. They had my size in every single color of the rainbow khakis (I decided against yellow), and off I went to the register for my quick-and-painless exchange--only to discover the receipt was no where to be found. The Gap employee would not do the exchange without it.

I figured I left the receipt in my trunk, so I hauled my booty back to my car. No receipt. I called the store. Do I really need to drive all the way home to look for my receipt? Yes says buy-the-rules Gap employee.

Twenty minutes later the whole deal was done, but I was a little annoyed. Sure, it was my own fault for forgetting the slip. But for an even exchange you'd think they could cut me a break.

I almost didn't feel like walking halfway down The Mall to the escalator and halfway down The Mall again to get to Sephora for another return. But I'd been carrying an unwanted Sephora cuticle trimmer around in my purse for a few weeks. I'd ordered it on and I was unsatisfied with its performance--it wouldn't cut through warm butter. I'd long ago tossed the packing slip. I wasn't even finished with my explanation and the friendly-and-helpful Sephora employee was dashing off to check the price. In two minutes I had a card in my hand with my store credit. Happy happy. I love that store and its liberal return policy! (I also love it because it's full of makeup. It's like a continuous girl party where everyone tries on cosmetics and says, "Oh, that lip gloss looks great on you!" to one another. If they served cupcakes and cocktails I would move in.)

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