Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Love a Frame Clutch

I got my most recent eBay item in the mail today (record time shipping--there will be positive feedback given right after this post). In preparation for my upcoming birthday trip to Florida, I got a cute white leather vintage frame bag. In Florida it's always summer, right? So I a bright white bag will work in March.

This goes on the good eBay purchase list for sure (and oh there have been bad ones). It's clean and in perfect shape, doesn't smell weird (a hazard of vintage), the leather is as buttery as it looks in the picture, it's the perfect size, and it was $20.50.

I'll use it when Cheapy takes me out for a non-cheap dinner in South Beach. And just maybe the white contrasted against my skin will make it look like I have some sort of a tan (but I doubt it.)


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